Meet Scott Weaver

My family lived in San Francisco for 3 generations. My great-grandfather had
a winery in the 1880's at Montgomery and Jackson St, about a block from
where the Transamerica pyramid is located. My grandparents had a house at 518
12th Ave, between Anza and Balboa. My mom and dad had a house on Quintera,
then moved to Marin, where I was born.

I started building toothpick sculptures in 1968, when I was 8 years old.
My early structures were abstract and about 2 - 4 feet tall. I built one
sculpture that had a ping-pong ball roll through it. In 1974 I started a new
sculpture and added the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street, that also had
a ping-pong ball roll through it. This is what started what is now Rolling Through the Bay.

Over the years I have worked on Rolling Through the Bay, on-and-off,
sometimes not working on it for years at-a-time, to do other projects and get
married to my beautiful wife, Rochelle, and have a wonderful son, Tyler.

I love working with toothpicks and hope to do so for years to come.